ShaNeil Harada

The Truth about Robin Hood  

This story revisits the popular legend of Robin Hood with a supernatural twist. 

Robin Hood Cover

When Ashlyn and her eight-year-old brother Athyn discover an off limits room in a British museum, they are drawn to a dragon-shaped bracelet that quickly binds itself to Ashlyn and pulls them both back through the centuries.   Ashlyn wakes in twelfth century England to find that she is alone in a strange wood, surrounded by hungry animals, and her brother is nowhere to be found.

Ashlyn discovers a group of men who claim to be Robin Hood and his band of outlaws and asks them for help in finding her brother and getting home.  She soon discovers that these men are much more than they seem.  John apologizes for scaring her in the woods, though it wasn’t a man but a huge animal that had scared her.  Robin turns out to be a shape shifter who can fade into any background like a chameleon.  Alan has a taste for blood, as do all vampires.  Even Friar Tuck has a dark secret, he can raise the dead, whether he wants to or not.  Will Scarlet is the only normal man in the bunch, and his innocent charm and rugged good looks have Ashlyn completely flustered. 

Alan recognizes a tattoo on Ashlyn’s wrist as that of a woman selected to be the mate of the Great Dragon.  The tattoo means even more to Will, who has seen the markings before, on his own mother.  Worried that he may be the offspring of a dragon, Will vows to keep Ashlyn safe from the unwanted paring.  But first, they have to find and rescue Ashlyn’s little brother before he becomes the dragon's next meal.  As Will and Ashlyn grow to care for each other, they both have to face the threat of the dragon’s claim and the decision that Ashlyn must soon make.  Will she take her brother and return to the ease of modern life, or will she stay with the man she has grown to love?


About The Author

ShaNeil Harada is a single mom with three kids who lives in Southeast Idaho.  ShaNeil loves to read all kinds of books, particularly fantasy, and loves to write.  She is currently working on two new stories while preparing several completed works for publication.