ShaNeil Harada

Reapers and Guardians

Novella 1     
Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death Cover

Zayne is a sixteen year-old with a kiss to die for, literally. He has lived in foster homes since he was four, ever since he kissed his mother and felt her die in his arms.  

He has mastered the art of pretending to be normal while keeping everyone at a distance. That is until a fiery-haired angel, named Nadya, sends his carefully balanced world spinning on its axis. 

Nadya has a gift of her own, one very different from the curse he bears. Will their similar yet opposing gifts create an unbreakable bond of friendship between them? Or are they destined to be enemies?

Zayne fights to control the emotions he has worked so hard to bury as his heart begins to long for the one thing he knows for sure that he can never have... love.


Novella 2     
Kiss of Shadows

Kiss of Shadows Cover

Terrified by his foster brother, Zayne's, ability to suck the very soul from a person with a simple kiss, Zack runs away from home and holes up with his friend, a drug dealer named Alex.  

Trying numerous drugs to escape the creepy shadows that seem to be after him, Zack overdoses and ends up in a coma in the hospital, barely hanging on to life. 

Zayne, wracked by guilt, rushes to find a way to rescue his brother from the shadows that torment him and threaten to strip away the last of his soul.

There is a way to make the shadows go away, but to do so Zayne must die. Can Zayne and Nadya rescue Zack and get rid of the shadows, or is the price too high?


Novella 3     
Kiss of Life

Kiss of Life Cover

Nadya and Zayne's relationship is far from blissful with their recent run-in with the creepy shadows, Zayne's subsequent overdose, and Nadya's new emotional bond with Zack brought on by saving his life without the 'pull'.  

Zayne's jealousy and Nadya's insecurity both seem to be working to drive a permanent wedge between them. When Zayne's attempt to escape his misery nearly results in the death of a girl, will their relationship be over forever? And when a police detective starts asking questions, will their gifts be discovered? 




About The Author

ShaNeil Harada is a single mom with three kids who lives in Southeast Idaho.  ShaNeil loves to read all kinds of books, particularly fantasy, and loves to write.  She is currently working on two new stories while preparing several completed works for publication.