ShaNeil Harada

Dragons’ Bane

Book 1    
The Egg Bearer

Dragon's Bane Cover

In the modern world of technology, Karyn's grandfather still believes in ancient lore, but it is Karyn who stumbles by accident upon the very thing he seeks, a dragon. Ronwyn, the last living dragon knows that soon she will be discovered and destroyed by humans and she charges Karyn with transporting four dragon eggs to safety. As the last remaining dragon eggs, they are the only hope for the survival of her species.  

Teased by her twin brother Garyn, thirteen-year-old Karyn leaves the world of video games and technology and heads out on her own to fulfill her promise. During her journey, she finds true friends and uncovers many secrets, some about herself and her missing parents. 

In the only place where dragons could survive, Karyn and her companions discover that the old legends are much more a part of their lives than they ever thought possible. Even skeptical Garyn, determined to rescue his sister from her crazy imagination, can't resist the pull of this magical world for long. Karyn struggles to find a way to keep her promise and the dragons alive. Will her efforts be enough to save the nearly extinct race, and at what cost to herself and those she loves?


Book 2    
The Wizard's Heir

Wizard's Heir Cover

After two long years Justin is finally able to return to the forest where he feels at home.  Eager to see his best friend Karyn again, he barely notices that the once vibrant forest around him is dying. 

He finds his friends and family in the middle of a crisis that may result in the death of every creature in the forest.  Justin volunteers to find a solution and is reluctantly joined by a rival for Karyn’s affection, Zayn. 

Justin discovers that as the son of a half-wizard he has powers that he has never imagined.  Will they be enough to help him save his friends?  Or will his uncontrolled ability only serve to seal everyone’s fate?



About The Author

ShaNeil Harada is a single mom with three kids who lives in Southeast Idaho.  ShaNeil loves to read all kinds of books, particularly fantasy, and loves to write.  She is currently working on two new stories while preparing several completed works for publication.