ShaNeil Harada

Devil’s Den

A Young Adult series with a unique teen perspective on Wicca, elemental powers, and love

Book 1    
Playing with Fire


Black hair, black eyed Aidan Garrison has recently returned to Ethelsville Wyoming to live with his mother after the death of his father. His mother is a practicing Wiccan, and with the entire student body at Devil’s Den High behaving like robotic drones, Aidan is forced to accept the possibility that his mother’s beliefs are more than just the silly superstition his father had raised him to disbelieve.       

In addition to coming to terms with his mother’s unusual beliefs, he has discovered that he has a powerful connection to the element of fire, but the stronger his gift becomes the less control he has over the frightening ability.  Meeting beautiful red haired, green eyed Kyla Rosendale, he is determined to save her from the fate that has befallen the rest of the students at school, but this means convincing her of the existence of witchcraft, the very thing he’s been loath to accept.    

Kyla feels abandoned and betrayed by her father who has left her mother and her to be with another woman.  Now she is stuck in this tiny backwards town with her mom. She has met Aidan a boy who can do strange things that scare and amaze her at the same time. Unsure she believes in witchcraft, she has to admit that something weird is happening at the school.  She also meets a “normal” boy, Derrick, who seems determined to win her heart.  Kyla soon discovers that she has a frightening connection with the spirit world   

Steeped in a world of mystery and frightening new discoveries will Kyla and Aidan be able to use their new abilities to save the school, or will this strange world of wicca and magic be too much for them to handle?

Book 2    
Magic Awakenings

Coming Soon


About The Author

ShaNeil Harada is a single mom with three kids who lives in Southeast Idaho.  ShaNeil loves to read all kinds of books, particularly fantasy, and loves to write.  She is currently working on two new stories while preparing several completed works for publication.