ShaNeil Harada

The Black Knife

Written in collaboration with V. Ann Crook

Deadly with the knife and a master of martial arts, he is a match for any man, but can he hold his own against a beautiful young woman?

Book 1    
The Black Knife

The Black Knife Cover

Born, raised and trained to be the perfect weapon, the Black Knife assassin was created for the sole purpose of killing one man's daughter.        

Raised by a guardian after her mother died and her father disappeared, Syara is about to learn that her entire life has been in preparation of following in her father's unconventional footsteps. Will the knowledge that she is a target of the world's deadliest assassins be enough to drive her into hiding?     

Will their seemingly mutual attraction mean her death? Or will it be his undoing?   

The Black Knife: is available in Paperback. Or check out the Kindle Edition on Amazon.

Book 2    
The Black Book

Coming Soon


About The Author

ShaNeil Harada is a single mom with three kids who lives in Southeast Idaho.  ShaNeil loves to read all kinds of books, particularly fantasy, and loves to write.  She is currently working on two new stories while preparing several completed works for publication.